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Hi, My Name is Sophia and I’m…Sore All the Time

OK, I’m not really sore all the time, just 25% of the time. Yep, I wake up with soreness in a variety of muscles and joints after a day of working out. I’m not sure why I’m extra-prone to muscle soreness, but it does make me rethink some of my workouts and whether I’m doing the right types of exercises. After all, I work out 5-6 times a week, so 25% means that I’m sore 1-2 days per week. Yikes.

I do believe that my workouts are pretty balanced, but then I’m not sure why I feel sore so often. Hm…


If I play tennis, my forearm feels sore. If I do yoga, it’s my shoulders and quads. If I run outside, it’s my calves. If I do an arm workout, it’s my triceps. If I do a core workout, it’s my abs.

It also makes me wonder if I’m making progress with my workouts or not. If I’m sore, are my muscles becoming stronger? What is going on?

Also, I wouldn’t classify my soreness as painful in any way at all. At the most, it’s discomfort, which really isn’t such a bad thing.

But it is frustrating. That’s why I’m going to stick to Sophia’s Anti-Soreness Plan!


1. A warm bath soothes tight muscles. I’m going to try to get myself to relax in the tub sometime this week. It’s going to be really challenging, since I’m not the type of person who relaxes very often. I always end up thinking of something that I need to do, and then I completely concentrate on that one task rather than the meditation. But my muscles need it, so I will try!


2. A little stretching never hurt anybody. I’m a huge advocate of yoga and stretching your muscles after a workout. I already do this, but I’m going to focus more on the body parts that I know will probably end up being sore in the morning, i.e. calves after a run on the pavement.


3. Is there a masseuse in the house? In Arizona, I had a wonderfully relaxing massage and though I don’t have time to get a professional one right now, I do have time to massage my legs. Arms and shoulders are a different story, but that’s what boyfriend are for right? Anyway, massaging is to relieve any tension you might be feeling.

4. Icing for intensity. I’m probably going to pass on this one only because my soreness isn’t painful. When I had knee tendonitis for a couple weeks in January, my ice pack was my best friend. But right now, I’m going to stick to warmth rather than cold. If you’re feeling pain though, I’d definitely recommend ice.

5. Kill that pain! Since my soreness isn’t too bad, I’m not going to opt for ibuprofen, but I do think that when your joints are hurting, medicine might be the answer. Just don’t overdo it!


6. Hydrate with water. Sometimes I feel my joints getting tight, and cramps in my legs developing when my dehydrated. While I do drink a ton of water every day at work, I tend to skimp out when I’m at home and about to work out. That’s another thing that needs to change.

So there is my anti-soreness plan. Though I will probably stay away from icing and painkillers for now, they’re definite options if my soreness turns into pain.

Now I’m off to make some lunch for tomorrow and try to relax. I have my last day at my current job on Wednesday, and I’ve got about 12980283 different emotions right now!

Have a good night!

What do you do when your muscles are feeling sore?

Any tips?

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39 Responses to Hi, My Name is Sophia and I’m…Sore All the Time

  1. I take a long warm bath and then try to strech it out!


    as a collegiate athlete, ice baths were out best friends/worst enemies. the pain is bad for the first minute, but if you can stick it out your body will thank you when you wake up…

    we also only did ice baths after our most intense fitness sessions or when we were doing physical activity that our soccer bodies were not conditioned to. if it’s more just soreness in the morning, I’d say just remember to cool down properly and put ice on the muscles that you really worked.

  3. GREAT POST, When I’m sore i change up my workout because I tend to overwork certain muscles and need to give them more time for recovery. I was also reading about how stretching before your workout is actually a bad thing!!! I always felt like my best workouts happened when I DIDN’T stretch before and only streched after. Try that. Also, Water is a must, I’ve started back up with carrying my pink water bottle EVERYWHERE! It helps so much to drink water I’ve read that it helps you even make better decisions when you are hydrated (article from the Lifetime Magazine I get).

  4. Your body is obviusly telling you exercise is bad and hurts you, something I am going to use as a reason (excuse) for not exercising like you do lol :) I do love a long soak in the bath – don’t forget the bubble!

  5. Usually a long warm bath and some good stretching will help! Other then that I just need time!

    I think you have a good plan already and the only thing I would say is to maybe take it easy if you’re sore several days in a row.

  6. long soak in the tub sounds good! i love a bath after an intense workout…..i tried an ice bath once and that was great but awful at the same time! it did the job but it was torture!!i put sea salt in my baths :-)

  7. That sounds like a great plan for combating soreness. Stretching is a huge thing for me after an intense workout, but not just after the workout but the next morning as well.

    Congratulations on your last day at your old job!

  8. My muscles used to get sore a lot but I actually upped my protein and it seems to have worked better for recovery. I get terribly sore from swimming-not so much running.

  9. I get really sore too! I find that I get even more sore the second day after a tough workout.

    I am so bad with consistently stretching but I think it really helps the most. I swear, foam rolling after every run and taking 1-2 yoga classes a week combats all soreness! Sometimes when I can’t get to a yoga class (and by “can’t” I mean I just want to do cardio and not yoga…) I do these few stretches a few days a week! http://yoga.about.com/od/yogasequences/ss/dailystretch.htm

  10. Sounds like a great plan, especially the stretching! I get sore occasionally too, and sometimes light cardio the next day really helps. I also make my boyfriend give me leg massages!

  11. Definitely sounds like a good plan! Sometimes I really like the feeling of soreness – and the feeling I gave my muscles a good workout! But then it also gets annoying when you wince going down stairs so I know what you’re saying. I hope this works for you!

  12. Water and stretching. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles and stretching along with drinking water can help to clear it out!

  13. My muscles have been extra sore lately, too! Is it the weather?! I usually try to stretch in the morning and really make an effort to stretch after my workout. A massage sounds like a good plan though, too! :)

    Glad you’re back, Sophia!!

  14. Those tips sound pretty good. I don’t have any more to offer because I’m the opposite. I don’t get sore too easily – it’s onlywhen I change workouts. Feel better!

  15. I deal with soreness a lot too! It makes me feel like I need to rest my muscles more, but I can’t give my body 2 days rest! I need to keep working if I want to achieve the results I want, so I just try to give the upper body 2 days of rest and the same with the lower. In between I will do hiit, kettlebell or yoga!

  16. Aww, so sorry about that! And a thing I can very much relate to! I tend to be sensitive towards cold, so I often go for a hot bath, but I’ve also found that applying a cooling gel that motivates blood circulation helps me a lot to feel better. Massage are a great thing (I unfortunately lack somebody to give me a massage too often), and it helps very well to just press the hurting spots until it gets better, instead of rubbing around on them, especially when a massage would be too much. (If that can ever be. ;))

  17. Love your plan! I was going to say stretching and water :)

  18. I get really sore from workouts too, especially after doing strength training for my legs. Squats always kill me! 😛 A good soak in the tub sounds like a good idea though. I’ll try that next time!

  19. I’m thinking you may need to do some more stretching beforehand.

  20. I never stretch. Seriously never. Yeah, that’s bad. I wish I had some advice, but I pretty much just whine when I’m sore.

  21. I feel the same way when I’m training for a race! Especially now that I want to start strength training more- now I’m going to be sore all over!

  22. With the exception of after marathon long runs, I’m not sore often… which makes me nervous, because I feel like I’m never working hard enough! I use my foam roller all the time though when I am, and that helps.

  23. In an ideal world I would get a massage every time I felt sore :) But in actuality I just stretch out and take a break if that’s what my body needs!

  24. This is bad, but Advil works wonders sometimes. And lottttts of stretching!

  25. 70% after running my calves are so sore! i don’t know if i am stretching right. i know you can use epsom salt in your baths to help!!

  26. Yoga and lots of water is usually my sore muscle remedy I notice weeks when I skip yoga I take much longer to recover!

  27. That doesn’t sound good – have you tried arnica gel? I know it’s more for bruising and swelling but might help – or maybe the homeopathic arnica tablets… other than that, it’s got to be hot baths, maybe with relaxant stuff in them :-)
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  28. my go-tos for sore muscles:

    ice, ice baby
    foam roller! (love this thing)
    hydrate with something like powerade/gatorade as well as water
    bananas! the potassium is good for sore, crampy muscles
    stretching like crazy

    your soreness may honestly be a good thing… that means you’re switching it up and your body isn’t getting too used to your regimen! :)

  29. I seem to be very prone to soreness as well! I have to stretch really well after every workout, and then I massage my muscles with “the stick”. After hard workouts I take icebaths and that helps me recover a lot!!

  30. Being sore all the time is not normal! Maybe you need to look into your training routine and do exercises that are therapeutic. All the things you listed are good…but maybe it’s something in your strength training routine like a muscle imbalance. If there is one they will play tug of war in your body and cause tension and pain. Foam rollers work wonders also.

  31. I use to be sore all the time too and I think it was because my body weight was pretty low. Now I feel tons better. I think hot baths are definitely the best 😀

  32. thats a good plan!!!! I agree with laura- maybe you should re analyze your training routine!! I want a foam roller!

  33. Isn’t it no pain, no gain!? I have been sore a lot recently too but I think it might have to do with the weather? when it’s hot out my body swells up so I was thinking that was the problem?

  34. Awesome tips! I love a bit of yoga to stretch out my muscles. It works a treat!

  35. I love these tips! I also love the feeling of sore muscles – is that weird? It makes me feel like I did my workout right! :)

  36. Hi Sophia! My name is Amanda and I totally know what you’re talking about 😉

    I’ve been working on push-ups, so they’re nothing new, and the other day I did a workout with some push-up variations. Sore the next day. What gives?

    I think soreness is a good sign, as long as it’s not AWFUL (you know, like when you can’t even sit down). My go-to is stretching for sure and yoga, my favorite is cat/cow when my back is tight.

    Good luck at your new job! What are you doing?

  37. maybe try drinking more water?! not sure how much water you drink but its extremely important for our muscles. im sure you drink a lot but maybe try and drink a little more?!
    but this sounds like a great plan!!!!

  38. I have a sore neck in the morning pretty much every day. It’s a throwback from an accident a few years ago. Luckily, it tends to loosen up during the day, but waking up sore every morning just makes me feel…old. If I run or do something high impact, or if I spend too much time on the computer, it’s even more achy the next day. I think I’m going to try some of your tips, even though it’s a different kind of ache! Thanks for the suggestions!

  39. […] downer that I’ve been going through for my past five days or so is knee pain. I’ve had tendonitis in my right knee twice before. Terrible, terrible, terrible. That’s really the only way to describe it. It’s like a […]

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